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Restaurant & Bakery


The Amish Ovens Restaurant 

and Bakery** is located on the 

lower level of the building. 

You can access the restaurant

by parking in the south lot, or 

you can go through the


convenience store and use the 


**Handicap accessible on lower level parking parking lot. 

Restaurant Hours are 6am-8pm daily.

Convenience Store

The Convenience Store and Station is 


Open24 Hours

If you are in a hurry or you missed out on our restaurant, we offer a variety of products in our convenience store. 

Our phone number is (507) 932-5907  

Gift Store

The Gift Store is located on the main level and is connected to 

the Convenience Store.  Open 24 hours there is always 

something for everyone young and old.

We carry many model tractors, various tractor signage and books of all kinds.

Quilts are on display for your viewing pleasure!  Don't forget to check out the quilt room.

Although we do not carry 100% Amish Goods, we do carry inventory that is made locally by the Amish and also outsourced goods from the Ohio area.  


2850 Whitewater Avenue, 55972

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